About Us

Mukoque Construction LDA (MCL) is a Mozambican company jointly owned and operated with U.S. partner, MDCC Holdings.

We have been operating in Mozambique and the Southern African region since 2005. MCL is proud to employ 95%+ Mozambican Nationals and believes training and skill transfer is the pillar of our corporate social responsibility.

We have working yards and active projects throughout the country. We are one of the few companies operating in Mozambique with a global management team and the capability to undertake projects in every province of the country.


Our capabilities include:

Building Construction
Civil & Earthworks Construction
Road Equipment & Logistics Services
Project Engineering / EPC Services
Operating in Mozambique’s growing economy is both exciting and challenging.

We can provide:

Specialized capabilities for operating in remote areas
Turn Key Engineering, Project Management, and Project Execution
Surface movement of customer material across the entire country
Long term project support through our integrated logistical network
On and Off beach marine operations
Base materials including sand, gravel and aggregate
Full spectrum of heavy equipment operations

Current Projects

  • Kuvaninga Gas Fired Power Plant …

  • U.S. Embassy Maputo Warehouse …

  • Gigawatt Power Plant …

  • Mozambique National Data Center…

Why choose MCL?

We have global experience operating in remote, complex environments

We have unique off road terrain transportation and logistical supply capabilities.

We are one of the few companies with a full range of heavy construction equipment able to work in all provinces of the country .

We have an ongoing education exchange program for Mozambique and U.S. Students to train in the fields of diesel and heavy equipment mechanics, construction project management and civil engineering. This is an essential part of our program to transfer knowledge and skills to Mozambicans to support national development.

We control sand and rock concession in several areas and have the capability to dig, wash and transport.

MCL Mission

MCL’s mission is to provide a full-range of construction services to meet the growing demand of the Mozambique economy and the companies investing in it, while transferring critical skills to Mozambicans in support of national development.