Mukoque Construction LDA offers global experience and nationwide reach serving the construction needs in today’s Mozambique. The country is one of the fastest developing economies in the world and MCL is excited to be an integral part in this growth. We are a vertically integrated construction and engineering firm that can supply base materials, logistical hauling, fuel supply, engineering and heavy construction equipment.

Building Construction

projects_cims2MCL provides vertical construction services throughout Mozambique for commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Our experience in this field is diverse having constructed everything from remote mining camps, to industrial facilities for the metals processing industry, to retail stores and mid to high end residential complexes.

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Civil & Earthworks Construction

capa_roadsMCL provides horizontal and civil construction services for the private sector. We specialize in remote tertiary roads and pad-site building for the mining and oil & gas sectors as well as all other types of civil and earthworks construction including bulk electrical and water infrastructure, building pads, dams/canals and paved roads.

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Road Equipment & Logistics Services

capa_lssMCL has a full range of heavy and light construction equipment as well as an in-house fleet of on and off-road semi’s to provide support services with. MCL has the capability to deliver bulk and packaged materials, fuel, water and machinery throughout the country. We have specialized 6×6 semis and dump trucks to deliver to remote job sites over rough terrain.

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Project Engineering / EPC Services

capa_cicMCL’s in-house engineering capability allows us to provide engineering and drafting services from conceptual design through working drawings on projects. We offer these services through our complete Engineer, Procure, Construct (EPC) process. MCL is a Star Building Service partner allowing us to design and deliver their high quality cost effective buildings throughout South and East Africa. Click here to view a full range of Star Buildings.

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Current Projects

  • Kuvaninga Gas Fired Power Plant …

  • U.S. Embassy Maputo Warehouse …

  • Gigawatt Power Plant …

  • Mozambique National Data Center…

Why choose MCL?

We have global experience operating in remote, complex environments

We have unique off road terrain transportation and logistical supply capabilities.

We are one of the few companies with a full range of heavy construction equipment able to work in all provinces of the country .

We have an ongoing education exchange program for Mozambique and U.S. Students to train in the fields of diesel and heavy equipment mechanics, construction project management and civil engineering. This is an essential part of our program to transfer knowledge and skills to Mozambicans to support national development.

We control sand and rock concession in several areas and have the capability to dig, wash and transport.

MCL Mission

MCL’s mission is to provide a full-range of construction services to meet the growing demand of the Mozambique economy and the companies investing in it, while transferring critical skills to Mozambicans in support of national development.